Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Warriors

Despite the temp...(37 Degrees F) Jim and I decided that we needed to scratch the metaphorical itch yesterday, so we went for a ride! Jim took out the White Chopper and I took out the trusty 1941 Knuckle. (Which, by the way, had not be fired up in about two months (sad I know) but she fired right up, three primer kicks, and three real kicks and away we went!)

So, at least the urge is out of the system for now and we can get back to focusing on all the projects we have going on.

Remember that if you need any work done, from oil changes, tire changes.. or if you’d like to finally get that custom work going on your stocker, let us know! We can get it done for you BEFORE the temps rise to a more reasonable level.


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