Thursday, October 29, 2009


End of the day thoughts:

Good Morning #4

Good Morning #4. Up since 6. Looks like its going to be a great day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To the Moon....

Check out this video of my friend Paul V. and his robot the "Moonraker." The robot just won first place at a NASA competition. Barnstorm is a sponsor of Paul's company, Paul's Robotics, handling all of their welding. Look for the barnstorm logo on the robot!


Good Morning #3

Right about now I'm wondering how many of these Good Morning editions can I produce....?

Got a little bored last night and decided to fool around with my blast cabinet. End Result:

Contents Unknown.. hahaha

Anyways.. Today the rain is out and about so the doors may stay in the closed position.. but just because the Barnstorm doors are not open, does not mean we are not in here working! Stop by and say hello... perhaps bring us a warm hot chocolate...? or just come check out what sorta mischief we're getting into today!


Word to the wise: "Slower is Faster, Faster is Slower"-The Rev. D.C.

Until later,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009




Testing out my mobile uploading capabilities . Check out this 1974 74cubic inch HD Shovelhead we are restoring. Almost done too!

All in a days work....

Well so far today stuff has been going pretty smoothly. Paperwork joys this am...
Got the new belt on the FXRL we are working on for the Worcester Pawn Broker

Waiting on new primary gaskets, once those are in I can button her up and get her outta here.


Putting an EV27 cam in a 1997 FLHTCI. That cam will give the bike a better torque band, so it'll pull a lot harder, stronger and longer than it used to! She'll be a bit of a sleeper!

(That's the old one is on its way!)


Also decided to replace the clutch friction plates and steels in our 2001 Ducati 750 Sport. The old friction plates were not in too bad of shape, but this way everything will be all fresh and new, and set for a lot of care free riding for a long time!


That's about it for now..... check back later for more

Good Morning #2

The daily average temperature is dropping here in Worcester, but I tend to keep my garage doors open even though it gets cold. I just have to dress warmer!

ON a side note, I recommend getting your bike to me prior to the snow flying if there is any winter work you want to have done. It's a lot easier to be able to ride it down than truck it down!

Word to the wise:

"Why do they always teach us that it's easy and evil to do what we want and that we need discipline to restrain ourselves? It's the hardest thing in the world – to do what we want. And it takes the greatest kind of courage. I mean, what we really want." A.R.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Neat little bungs for rear fender struts on a custom Triumph! More pics of that to come!


Check out the newest Barnstorm Bars... hand-made for Matt Murphy of H&N Unlimited.
Fun Project, Thanks Matt!


Just finished installing a brand new stator in the 2001 Ducati we have for sale. I cant wait to see how well she runs will an electrical system working at the the proper level.

By the way, its a 2001 Ducati 750 Sport, and is for sale for a measly $4,900.00. A small price to pay to own a brilliant and beautiful blend of style and technology. Not to mention the bike rips!

Check it out!

-New Barnstorm Ad-

Good Morning

Word to the wise:
"There's nothing of any importance except how well you do your work." ('Atlas Shrugged' 1957)
SO lets get started!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sleep, who needs it?

I have a feeling this will be the first of many a'late night post.
Since I cant sleep, Ive been puttering around the shop cleaning and such.
I think Ill post a couple pictures too while I'm here.
Here are a few from the Boss Hoss Frame Project:
To bring you up to speed, my father and business partner Doug, has a 2003 Boss Hoss. You know, the big 1200 pound bike with a 385 horsepower Chevy V8 motor in it.
He purchased the bike a few years back, and since then we have been slowly modifying it.
Early into this past summer, while he was riding up Belmont Hill here in Worcester at about 30 mph, the bike broke in half. Turns out the frame came with a design flaw right from the factory. It was missing a gusset in the rear section, near where the rear suspension mounts. Needless to say, it was a little scary and thankfully no one was hurt.
We did contact Boss Hoss, and they were very accommodating and helpful, and ever offered to fix the frame for us. However we decided to take this opportunity to continue our Boss Hoss make over. My dad even did some fabricating on this one! Check it out!

More pictures of this project to come! Stay Tuned

Far from over-

Welcome to the Barnstorm Blog! Become a Fan!

A friend of mine, Jay Roche of Special 79 thought this would be a good thing for me to try out, so here we are.

My Name is Jake Cutler. My Father and I own Barnstorm Cycles , a Custom Motorcycle shop located in Worcester, Ma.

At Barnstorm we get involved with just about every aspect of motorcycling, placing a strong emphasis on actually riding the bike. We handle everything from basic oil changes or 20thousand mile checkups to fabricating you some cool custom parts and building ground up customs. Oh and by the way, we really don't like to make any of that trailer queen type'a shit either, our parts are made to look good AND work well; our bikes are built to ride!

Anyways, enough introductions, keep your eyes peeled as I try to get the hang of the blog factor and start posting material you'll actually find interesting!

In the meantime, get out and ride before the snow flies!
"There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing and equipment!"