Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All in a days work....

Well so far today stuff has been going pretty smoothly. Paperwork joys this am...
Got the new belt on the FXRL we are working on for the Worcester Pawn Broker

Waiting on new primary gaskets, once those are in I can button her up and get her outta here.


Putting an EV27 cam in a 1997 FLHTCI. That cam will give the bike a better torque band, so it'll pull a lot harder, stronger and longer than it used to! She'll be a bit of a sleeper!

(That's the old cam....new one is on its way!)


Also decided to replace the clutch friction plates and steels in our 2001 Ducati 750 Sport. The old friction plates were not in too bad of shape, but this way everything will be all fresh and new, and set for a lot of care free riding for a long time!


That's about it for now..... check back later for more

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