Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sleep, who needs it?

I have a feeling this will be the first of many a'late night post.
Since I cant sleep, Ive been puttering around the shop cleaning and such.
I think Ill post a couple pictures too while I'm here.
Here are a few from the Boss Hoss Frame Project:
To bring you up to speed, my father and business partner Doug, has a 2003 Boss Hoss. You know, the big 1200 pound bike with a 385 horsepower Chevy V8 motor in it.
He purchased the bike a few years back, and since then we have been slowly modifying it.
Early into this past summer, while he was riding up Belmont Hill here in Worcester at about 30 mph, the bike broke in half. Turns out the frame came with a design flaw right from the factory. It was missing a gusset in the rear section, near where the rear suspension mounts. Needless to say, it was a little scary and thankfully no one was hurt.
We did contact Boss Hoss, and they were very accommodating and helpful, and ever offered to fix the frame for us. However we decided to take this opportunity to continue our Boss Hoss make over. My dad even did some fabricating on this one! Check it out!

More pictures of this project to come! Stay Tuned

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