Friday, March 2, 2012

Keith's stuff!

My good buddy Keith is always changing his mind...and as a result, his bike is always changing are some of the latest additions/changes we've made to his rigid sporty chop...mostly because he HAD to have this particular rear tire....  I love this bike, and I'm greatful Keith is helping keep us in business!  Thanks man!

We changed out the rear tire to a OG Goodyear Super Eagle, but becuase the new tire was taller, we had a tire to fender clearance rear fender...set him up with a "Spare Tire" fender from Craig over @ Front Street Cycles, and then made/welded up the mounts and set the fender in there...  Not it's off to Paint! 

Keith also wanted us to add this little bottle opener detail , so he can stay nice and hydrated on long rides! 

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