Monday, April 8, 2013

FXRP Fender Fix

Simple fender work:
Busted FXRP rear fender...By design these fenders are prone to this... the light bar that mounts to the lower fender area is not properly supported.  The factory only tacks in a thin strip of sheet metal behind the mounting points.  As such,  over time the fender loses it battle with vibration and getting bumped into legs, walls...etc..
So, since the customer had a non-busted regular FXR fender, we worked this the old one had a bunch of old braze and working on that shit woulda sucked!
 add some re-enforcement for the rear light bar... (added a LOT more than the stock, to avoid having the same issue again down the road! )

Welded it all in place, laid out the hole pattern and drilled the holes....  Good as new!

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