Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday's Score

In the world of motorcycles, you end up meeting a LOT of interesting folks.... i have had the good fortune of meeting many, many great of them  One of those great people is one of my customers turned friend, Guy.  Guy is an unassuming dude, who just happens to have a seriously bad-ass antique motorcycle collection, and a passion for collecting general.  Yesterday he bestowed upon me a decent pile of parts for a very fair price,  which on its own would have been rad... but to add to is all, while moving all the stuff out of his garage and into my truck, i noticed an Anvil buried under a  bunch of crap, obviously forgotten...
When i asked him what was was going on with that, and if it was for sale.... he simply said, "why don't you take that too, and if i ever need it, ill know where it is."
So i now have a pretty rad "loner" anvil.... that just happened to turn out to be a Pete Wright anvil.
Life is good.


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